Washington, DC is calling

Okay, they’re being paid to call and we probably shouldn’t have used people who had the same skills as the guys who set up ObamaCare’s website.  If you don’t answer, the robo-call machine will just hang up.

But for Windy’s sake , please answer  when you see the caller ID, “Washington, DC.” Don’t worry, you won’t have to talk to a real person, you’ll just be connected to a recorded message.

It’s not Windy’s fault that as of today, there’s no Internet record on any legitimate Washington, DC organization called the “Justice for All PAC” or that a Google search reveals that the name is currently being used for our kindred spirits at the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association.

It’s certainly not Windy’s fault that the phone number 202-719-2244, belongs to a telemarketer firm that websites such as “Caller Central” and “800Notes.com” say that somecallers using this number claimed they were  collecting donations for victims of Sandy or the Oklahoma tornadoes.

And they’re not all bad:  WhoCallsme.com”reports that they were once used to collect money for justice for Trayvon Martin, so they agree with Windy on that!


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